The Whole Adoptee (Recorded Event)

The Whole Adoptee (Recorded Event)

The Whole Adoptee was a virtual event held by two adoptees on 12/5/2020. 


  • This event featured 5 adoptees as speakers, ranging in a diversity of adoption stories. Four of the five speakers talked about topics ranging from Christianity, Social Issues, Entrepreneurship and Connection/Community and how these topics intersect with adoption. 
  • Stephaine Olyer, MSW, LSW, spoke on how to Affirm Your Adopted Child Without Saying 'I Understand.'


Purchasing this recorded event gives you access to view the event on a private video streaming page. You will not have access to download or share it. The event is 60 minutes of adoptee voices, and about 30 minutes of a discussion with attendees and adoptees. 


    This product is ​a priceless resource tapping into the lives of 5 adoptees that use their voices to share the full narrative on adoption. 

    If you are an adoptee looking for words to put to your own story, or an adoptive parent or sibling this resource is for you. All people could benefit from learning about adoption from the experts, so purchase this video and enjoy!


    All sales are final. Thank you for supporting Monarch Connections! 


    Thankfully, in our digital world, there is no shipping for this purchase. You will simply visit the site and view the presentation. 

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