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Thank you for being a great dating coach. You've empowered me to take steps I didn't think plausible let alone possible and it is extending into other areas I need to take steps in as well. I'm happy I took this journey. My confidence has skyrocketed and I am happy to share that I met an amazing woman! 


The concerts I’ve seen by Monarch Connections were amazing. I enjoyed listening to the different styles of music at The Sounds of Summer and The Summer Groove Session. I also liked hearing about the artists’ musical journey. Great job Molly, on delivering on the aim of Monarch Connections by making me feel connected. I know others will feel this way too, with the different concerts to come.


I've attended two Monarch Connections events, Christian Singles & Married Mixer and Panel & Hear Her. Although both times I didn't really know what to expect, I was glad I attended. It's encouraging to have the opportunity to connect with others who are so genuine and open, even though we just met virtually.
Thank you, Monarch Connections for creating these spaces.


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Molly E. McLaurin launched Monarch Connections out of a desire to help people thrive in otherwise intimidating social situations. She has a God-given talent for connecting – connecting people to one another, to resources, and to opportunities. She is passionate about relating to others, traveling, and ice cream sandwiches. 

Molly E. McLaurin attended George Mason University during its famous Final Four run. When she wasn’t rooting for the team, she was studying Community Studies and Psychology where she gained a foundational understanding of the complexity of human interactions, which still informs her work today. Growing up as a transracial adopted twin, ‘military brat’, she enjoys talking about identity, travel, cross-cultural experiences, adoption, and her life story fuels her work. After college, she made a series of moves, serving and living Camden, NJ, then in Malawi for 6 months, Miami for a brief stint and back to the DMV, all before landing in Philly. Some years, and plenty of social experiences later, she decided to call Philadelphia her home and currently resides there with her husband.

Why Monarch?:

Monarch Connections is grounded in the belief that Jesus uniquely created each of us for a purpose. The name “Monarch Connections” is inspired by the Monarch butterfly. Like butterflies, we all are given life, are created for a unique purpose, yet through trials and healthy risks, we transform!

This company is vital in 2019 as well as in the future to ensure the opportunity for all people to live an abundant life, with meaningful connections. We aim to do this by offering services in Life Coaching with an emphasis on but not limited to Christian Dating Coaching. We also host unique (virtual) events, one, a monthly private gathering, Adoptee Talk, for adult adoptees to harness community, plus we create connection opportunities for all through our memberships!

Take an adventure -  let us help you find what is missing!





Check the MC's Eventbrite page for updated events, stay engaged and learn something new!

We offer Life Coaching with an emphasis on but not limited to Christian Dating Coaching.

Enjoy Monarch Connections yet feel too busy right now, try a membership - it's a digital download straight to your inbox each month.

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molly@monarch-connections.com Certified Professional Life Coach #Monarchconnections

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