Molly E. McLaurin launched Monarch Connections out of a desire to help people thrive in day-to-day life. She has a God-given talent for connecting – connecting people to one another, to resources, and to opportunities. She is passionate about relating to others, traveling, and meeting you! 

Molly E. McLaurin attended George Mason University during its famous Final Four run (can you see the blurry Molly on the left side?!). When she wasn’t rooting for the team, she was studying Community Studies and Psychology where she gained a foundational understanding of the complexity of human interactions, which still informs her work today. Growing up as a transracial adoptee, twin, ‘military brat’, and world traveler, she enjoys talking about identity, race, travel, cross-cultural experiences, and adoption.  She believes her life story fuels her work. After college, she made a series of moves, serving and living in Camden, NJ, then in Malawi for 6 months, Miami for a brief stint, and back to the DMV, all before landing in Philly. Some years, and plenty of social experiences later, she decided to call Philadelphia her home and currently resides there with her husband, and son.

Why Monarch?:

Monarch Connections is grounded in the belief that Jesus created each of us for a purpose. The name “Monarch Connections” is inspired by the Monarch butterfly, a transformative creature, and an image that reminds the founder of a time where her personal transformation began to form. Molly pulls from a few key moments in her life and career in naming her company, and cannot wait help you find what's missing and transform as well. 

Monarch Connections strives to bring people together, find what's missing & create transformation through meaningful connections. 

Services MC provides:

We aim to do this by offering services in Life Coaching, Dating Coaching, Christian Dating Coaching, Coaching for Adoptees & Transracial Adoptive Families, and anyone who wants to invest in their personal growth via conversational support. 

Monarch also hosts unique virtual & in-person events. We host events that uplift and empower. We have hosted women's health events, storytelling events, and more. One monthly event we host is Adoptee Talk. This is a gathering for adult adoptees to harness community, and discuss the joys and struggles in our lives. 

Everything we do, we strive for communal transformation. 

No matter who you are, please feel free to get connected today! 




Tired of Zoom, grab a ticket to our events and listen to like a podcast, while you meal prep or hang with your family.

We use Eventbrite & Zoom to host our virtual events, so please click this link, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see & stay abreast to our current and upcoming events. Do you have an event idea? Please email molly@monarch-connections.com and let's see if we can collaborate.

*We also have previously recorded events for purchase in our shop.*





Monarch Connections aims to bring people together & to make meaningful connections. 

We do this through the following offerings:

MC Adoptee Talk_edited.png

Adoptee Talk is a monthly gathering for all adopted adults get the opportunity to discuss our adoption stories. Once you fill out our google connection form, you will get an email & be invited to our Zoom Gathering.

*Not adopted, but related to it or interested in learning from adoptees, please also fill out this form*

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Life Coaching is offered for anyone who wants to achieve success in a particular area of their life. Reasons to check out coaching include but are not limited to improving self-esteem, gaining confidence, resolving current life issues, supporting, setting, and accomplishing goals.

All coaching sessions begin with a complimentary consultation call to discuss plans, pricing & goals. Book an appointment today on our coaching page! 

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Christian Dating can be awkward. It can be fun, too! Create a dating strategy, grow in confidence, and transform yourself in the process. 

Many clients who have committed to a minimum of 3 months of our 4-week cycle have seen growth in commitment, accountability, effort to try new dating experiences and become confident. Book a consultation call today on our coaching page! 

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We aim to 'help people find what's missing,' and this includes developing your business. Just starting out? We aim to build your online presence, learn about the basic uses of varying social media platforms, schedule posts, content creation, SEO, hashtag usage, audience recognition, and more.

If this sounds like something you need help accomplishing, sign up today by clicking the link. 



As an adoptee, I understand how challenging life can be. Coaching will help sort out questions and help you explore your thoughts in a meaningful way. 

Also, if you are an adoptive parent, or connected to adoption and want to learn more you can also try coaching. Help the adoptee in your life thrive as you explore your questions with a coach. 

Image by RoseBox رز باکس

Not only do we sell physical products that represent your lifestyle, we also provide life-giving resources, by selling access to our recorded events. Many of our events are tools for life! Buy an event replay & share feedback, the connection is always ongoing. 

Let our merchandise be a conversation starter, or help you make a meaningful connection. More merchandise is on the way.

In order for us to making meaningful connections, we know we need to keep meeting folks like you. I hope this nudges you to get involved, try one of our services, or simply email us to say "hello"! 

Thank you for checking out Monarch Connections! 



There are countless reasons for starting your journey towards transformation with a coach. Some areas of focus we enjoy coaching are the following: 

Gaining more confidence ​

Growing in your faith

Resolving current life issues

Relationships/Finding a life partner

identifying and setting goals

Support through transracial adoption

Adoptee identify formation

Business development


Coaching happens through a series of conversations.

As your coach, I am excited to give you the floor, hear from you, and allow time to process. Think of me as a guide, asking the best questions as we explore your thoughts together. 

I offer three packages.

Two of the three are conducted over a 4-week cycle, considered monthly plans. There is also a one-time package.

For clients who have purchased at least 2 coaching packages, you are they entitled to grab 20-minute refreshers to help before, after or during their sessions.

I coach to see clients grow.

Tracking growth is extremely different from person to person, and that's the intricate beauty of the types of transformation I get to witness. 

Read about our client success stories as you make your choice on whether you are ready to invest in your growth today.