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Molly E. McLaurin launched Monarch Connections out of a desire to help people thrive in day-to-day life. She has a God-given talent for connecting people to one another, resources, communities, and opportunities. She is passionate about speaking, building relationships, and helping folks transform. 

About the Founder:

Molly E. McLaurin attended George Mason University during its famous Final Four run (can you see the blurry Molly on the left side of the picture?!). When she wasn’t rooting for the team, she was studying Community Studies and Psychology where she gained a foundational understanding of the complexity of human interactions, which still informs her work today. Growing up as a transracial adoptee, twin, ‘military brat’, and world traveler, she enjoys talking about identity, race, travel, cross-cultural experiences, and adoption.  She believes her life story fuels her work. After college, she made a series of moves, serving and living in Camden, NJ, then in Malawi for 6 months, Miami for a brief stint, and back to the DMV, all before landing in Philly. Some years, and plenty of social experiences later, she decided to call Philadelphia her home and currently resides there with her husband and son.

As a family, no topic is a "no-no" as we enjoy learning from our collective experiences, and strive to have an open mind to be able to live out who we were created to be, every day, not just at work.

Why Monarch?:

We all change. We all grow. Why not change and grow with transformation in view, and a passionate team cheering you on? 

The name “Monarch Connections” is inspired by the Monarch Butterfly, a transformative creature, and an image that reminds Molly of a time when her personal transformation truly began.  

Monarch Connections aims to bring people together and to help you find what's missing, as you make those meaningful connections.


Search #monarchconnections to see our journey. Never ever hesitate to reach out. : ) 

Founder of MC is happy you are here!